Vendor Managed Inventory

As part of our vendor managed services, we will keep your products stocked through our inventory control and tracking system. When you place an open order we monitor your supply weekly and replenish stock as needed. Our system is designed to reduce lead time and reduce time you have to spend on inventory management.

Custom Packaging

To allow for easier on-site storage and transportation, we offer custom packaging for our metal products. Our custom crates and trays provide convenient ways to stock products when limited space is available, as well as damage protection (prevention) during transit and holding. We are happy to work with you to design suitable packaging for you applications.

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Our trucking services compliment our vendor managed inventory system to make sure your products are stocked and lead time is reduced. We own and service trucks that can deliver your products on-site. We have no added surcharges and can provide same day delivery.

Saw Cutting

We offer cut to length production saw cutting with standard tolerances ranging from +.125 to -.000. Upon customer request we can hold tighter tolerances. Special packaging is also available to meet customers’ requirements.

Precision Slitting

We work with various metals including aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. Master coils can be slit into strips for fin tubing. Gauges range from .0019” to .375”; widths range from .25” to 82”; and various materials types include “0” Temper aluminum, Martinsite and more.

Oscillate Slitting

If needed, oscillate slitting can be provided. We can work with various metal types including stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. Gauge ranges from .010” to .110” and widths range from .25’ to 3” with a maximum exit bundle width of 18”. Entry specifications include a weight maximum of 15,000 lbs, ID’s of 16” and 20”, and coil OD maximums of 84”. Exit specifications include a maximum weight of 7,500 lbs, ID of 16”, and Coil OD of 50”.

Plate Processing

Our plate processes services include cutting metals into the needed size and shape while utilizing, plasma, high definition plasma, beveling, water jet, flame, laser, or saw cutting equipment. Upon request nonstandard shapes are available.

Precision Grinding

We can polish and smooth the surfaces of metals through precision grinding. Our precision grinding services include bearing shaft quality, boat shaft quality (BSQ), pump shaft quality (PSQ), turned, ground and polished (TG&P), screw machine quality, grounding, polishing, and metric sizing.